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Data Center

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our primary Data Center is located in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Hosted ("Cloud") Internet services—email, Web, IP-VPN (IPsec/L2TP), SIP PBX, storage (CIFS)
  • White Label solutions available!
  • Wholesale IP Transit; managed and unmanaged Dedicated Servers
  • Colocation at carrier-neutral Data Centers
  • DDoS mitigation & IDS for front-end systems; Anycast BGP & Dynamic DNS
  • Geographic redundancy and high availability
  • SLA available up to 99.999%

Professional Services

  • Security auditing and hardening; penetration testing; code review
  • Simple and powerful hosting solutions for custom back-end App servers; HTTP-based [SOAP, REST], UDP-based & other [proprietary] protocols supported
  • Database replication—design, analysis, and implementation. Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Development specialties: secure design mentality; low-level, embedded, and real-time; FreeBSD kernel; Mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows, et al.); Common Lisp

Other Considerations

  • We welcome clients with complicated, idiosyncratic needs. The impossible just takes longer! (please have a budget)
  • Special accomodations—including complimentary or at-cost service—may be available for research projects and other uses which benefit the general public or the Internet community at large. Please inquire within
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