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PGP Encryption

When sending encrypted email, be sure to specify how we should encrypt the reply. Include trust path details if these are not obvious. Regular email role contacts may be used. For especially sensitive matters, please address the email to the security-officer email address in the PGP key. If this is your first time making secure contact with us and the matter does not require confidentiality, we ask that you sign but not encrypt to expedite handling.

Security Officer PGP Key

Get the new PGP key of the Trit Networks Security Officer

pub   4096R/0xC295855C7D4B959A 2014-08-04 [expires: 2019-08-03]
      Key fingerprint = 47DE 7582 1C05 E8B0 7493  B744 C295 855C 7D4B 959A
uid                 [ultimate] Trit Networks Security Officer
sub   4096R/0x20C21617FC59DE91 2014-08-04 [expires: 2019-08-03]
      Key fingerprint = 41AD CF9B E884 8195 9DAB  82F6 20C2 1617 FC59 DE91

This key is signed with another key—which is in turn available from the FreeBSD Handbook (in print) and from several keyservers. Please verify before using.

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